Landlord 3072
Occupation Publican
First appearance 23rd May 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ron McCormick

The Landlord of the Newton & Ridley's Coach and Horses pub directed Deirdre Barlow and Dave Barton to the lounge bar when Deirdre arrived there for a meeting with a brewery representative regarding their offer to buy 1 Coronation Street. Surprised to learn that the brewery had sent a Ridley to meet her, Deirdre asked the landlord if it was THE Mr Ridley, to which he replied that Nigel Ridley could be described that way these days. Nigel offered Deirdre £35,000 for No.1 so that the brewery could extend the Rovers Return, which was set to be refurbished and rebranded as "Yankees", a New York-style theme pub.

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