Larry (Episode 7282)
First appearance 26th February 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by James Foster

Following the unexpected return of Jackie Dobbs in February 2010, prompted by the news that son Tyrone and his wife Molly had separated, Jackie quickly got her feet under the table at 9 Coronation Street and shortly after her arrival, invited Larry - her conquest from the previous drunken evening - to stay overnight at the house.

Upon secretly ushering him outside, she thanked him for his company. However, upon his suggestion that she should phone him to arrange another liaison, Jackie made it clear that it would be very unlikely she would wish to repeat the experience. Larry was unfazed however, and informed that he'd given her a wrong number anyway.

With Jackie quietly closing the front door and thinking that her actions had gone unnoticed, a disapproving Tyrone came downstairs and questioned his mother about the stranger. Initially stating that Larry was an old friend, she quickly changed her story and admitted to copping off with the man during the previous evening.

Credited as "Bloke", the character's Christian name was given in dialogue.

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