Laurence Carnegie
Laurence Carnegie
Occupation Salesman
Spouse(s) Wife
First appearance 14th October 2012
Last appearance 15th October 2012
Number of appearances 2
Played by Gregory Cox

Laurence Carnegie was a salesman and B&B guest at the Rovers when Gloria Price entered the pub into the Lancashire Leisure Pub of the Year competition. Gloria's mother and landlady of the Rovers Stella had gone away for the weekend, so Gloria didn't tell her about the B&B guest. When Laurence arrived, Gloria pampered him guessing he must be a Pub of the Year judge, making him feel at home, ironing his shirts and giving him food. When Stella arrived home early, Gloria pretended she was another guest and Stella went along with it. The following morning, Laurence chatted to Stella and let slip that he was indeed a judge and that the Rovers was the best he'd seen so far, only for Gloria to overhear. Before leaving, Laurence told Gloria about the mystery drinker who would be visiting the Rovers later in the week as a judge.

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