Lee 2010
Occupation Student
First appearance 26th March 2010
Last appearance 23rd April 2010
Number of appearances 4
Played by Richie Jeeves

Lee was a friend of Ryan Connor who in 2010 was invited to Ryan's flat for a liaison with Sophie Webster. Ryan was hoping that Sophie would take an interest in Lee while Ryan spent the time getting cozy with Sian Powers. Sophie wasn't enamoured with Lee, who tried to impress her by demonstrating his knowledge of Star Wars. After complimenting Sophie, Lee moved in for a kiss, catching Sophie by surprise. When Ryan admitted he had set it up, Sophie was annoyed and left.

Lee was delighted on 23rd April when Sophie texted him to suggest a date. They met up in Coronation Street and decided to go to Prima Doner and then go bowling but ended up in Sophie's house. Lee wasn't aware that Sophie had only dated him as she was confused after being rejected by Sian. When Sophie found out Sian was looking for her, she immediately abandoned Lee. He then tried to flirt with Sophie's older sister Rosie, but she was having none of it and insisted he leave.

List of appearancesEdit


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