Lee Middleton
Lee Middleton
Father Clive Middleton
Mother Pam Middleton
Sibling(s) Fiona Middleton
First appearance 16th February 1996
Last appearance 10th November 1997
Number of appearances 9
Played by Nicholas Bailey

Lee Middleton was Fiona's older brother. In February 1996, Fiona turned to Lee for a loan when Denise Osbourne offered her the Hair Salon lease for £4,500. Lee visited the salon and was at first unimpressed, suggesting that Fiona would be better off working for a posh salon in Manchester, but after a drink at the Rovers he realised that the smaller customer base could be an advantage and gave Fiona the money with a year to pay it back.

A few weeks later, Lee put pressure on Fiona to rent out the upstairs flat, considering it criminal to have the space go empty when there were so many homeless people about. To shut her brother up, Fiona moved into the flat herself.

Along with Maxine Heavey and Liz McDonald, Lee helped Fiona out with the preparations for the grand opening of the salon. Lee flirted a little with Maxine, but didn't answer her question as to whether he was single. Also at the party was Lee's father Clive, who on seeing Lee asked why he'd loaned Fiona so much money when he'd refused to lend him £2,000 for a new car. Lee tried to put it down to cash flow problems until Clive prompted him to admit that actually he didn't think he'd get his money back.

In December, Lee wrote to Fiona from America to let her know that he was letting her off with the loan.

The following March, Fiona got engaged to Alan McKenna, although Lee didn't attend the engagement party as Alan was a white policeman. Later in the year, Lee went along to Alan's stag party at Alan's invite, where he was picked on by Alan's friends because of his race. Lee, along with their parents, were later there to pick up the pieces on the wedding day when Alan called off the ceremony after Fiona admitted to sleeping with Jim McDonald.

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