Len Farthing
Len Farthing
Occupation Coach Driver
First appearance 16th February 1994
Number of appearances 1
Played by Doc O'Brien

Len Farthing was the bad tempered coach driver for the residents’ trip to London in February 1994. He was impatient to begin the journey from outside the Rovers but Alf and Audrey Roberts were late and after requests for latitude from Derek Wilton, Len asked if they would be saying the same thing in London when they’d missed the first act of Miss Saigon. Len got further exasperated when Derek took it upon himself to take over the coach microphone and make announcements to the passengers regarding the purpose and length of time of their stop at a motorway service station.

When they arrived back in Weatherfield that night, Len conducted a quick search of the coach for the missing Derek who had left the others at the return service station in a sulk because of his treatment from an ungrateful Mavis and the others and had failed to get back on when it left to continue its journey.

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