Len Windass
Len Windass
Residence Germany
Sibling(s) Eddie Windass
First appearance 14th November 2008
Last appearance 14th August 2009
Number of appearances 40
Played by Conor Ryan

Len Windass is the brother of Eddie Windass and the uncle of Gary Windass.

Late in 2008, Eddie and Anna Windass refused to pay for a kitchen fitted by Joe McIntyre. As a result, Joe's daughter Tina along with David Platt and Graeme Proctor ripped out the kitchen and set it on fire while the family were out. In retaliation Len and Gary destroyed the Platts' kitchen. Eddie, Anna and Gary later rented 6 Coronation Street, living next door to the Platts.

In 2009, during the ongoing feud between the two families, Len helped Gary steal some copper piping from the Builder's Yard on Victoria Street. This was done intentionally to make the owners think Joe was responsible for the theft because of his money problems. A fight also broke out between Gary and David, leading to David being hospitalised. Len tried to cajole Tina into telling the police the truth about the fight which was that David threw the first punch. Having had a soft spot for Tina, Gary threw a punch at Len when he found out about his interference.

In an attempt to stop Tina from testifying against Gary, Len made a deal with Joe: if he convinced Tina to tell the truth in court, he would land him a contract to fit the kitchens for a development he was involved in. Desperate for work, Joe agreed and when the case was heard at Weatherfield Crown Court, Tina admitted that David had started the fight. Len secured the contract for Joe, and also a loan which would allow him to buy the materials for the job up front. However, Joe was fired from the project after failing to meet his deadlines (eventually leading to his trouble with loan shark Rick Neelan).

David later became friendly with Gary and pinned a staged burglary on him for revenge. Len offered Gary an alibi, but he decided to confess and ended up in prison. Len moved to Germany and Gary hid at his old flat in 2010 after going AWOL from the army. Eddie later joined Len in 2011 to work with him.

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