Lennard Pearce (9th February 1915 - 15th December 1984) was an English actor of theatre and television success.

During his career Lennard worked alongside such actors as Sir Laurence Olivier and Anthony Hopkins and in 1966 he would have his first encounter with Sir David Jason in the play The Rivals.

Fifteen years later both David and Lennard would become immortalised in television history as they starred in the now legendary sitcom Only Fools and Horses in which Lennard played the role of Grandad.

He appeared on Coronation Street in May 1969 as Newton & Ridley representative Mr Bracegirdle. He also appeared in Armchair Theatre, Dixon of Dock Green, Emergency-Ward 10, The Wednesday Play, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, A Family at War, Nearest and Dearest, Softly Softly: Task Force, Within These Walls and Crown Court.

He died suddenly of a heart attack in 1984.

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