Lenny 8182
First appearance 2nd August 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ryan Pope

Lenny was an ex-prisoner who had served time with Rob Donovan in Strangeways Jail for the murder of an ice-cream man. When Rob went into partnership with Tracy Barlow at Barlow's Buys in August 2013 he obtained some stock from him, though he made sure that it was legitimate. Rob was out of the shop when Lenny paid a call and introduced himself to Tracy who was puzzled as he had been described to her as "Fat Lenny" whereas the man in front of her could hardly be described as such. Lenny told her that he had cut out the carbs!

When Rob returned to the shop, he was furious to discover that Tracy had purchased a job lot of stolen mobile phone tablets and computers from the man. He was due a visit from his probation officer Amma Newbury and was concerned that his freedom was at risk.

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