Leo Penington
Leo Penington
First appearance 16th February 1994
Last appearance 6th April 1994
Number of appearances 3
Played by Julian Kerridge

Leo Penington was an old friend of Vicky Arden’s who went to Stratton Bank School who were allowed to attend sixth form dances at her school to make up the numbers. One night in February 1994 he rang to see Vicky and they went out for the night. He missed his train back and Bet Gilroy agreed that he could stay in one of the spare rooms but she dropped heavy hints that she was a light sleeper and the Rovers was full of creaking floorboards. Vicky was embarrassed but Bet told her that when she was letting him out of the Rovers in the morning to make sure that Steve McDonald saw them to put his nose out of joint.

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List of appearancesEdit


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