Leslie Nelson "Les" Battersby-Brown (né Battersby) was a resident of Coronation Street for nearly a decade. Initially an angry and violent man, he mellowed over time, but even at his best could always be counted on to represent the lower end of the class scale in Weatherfield.


1997-2003: Early years

The Battersbys arrived when No 5 was bought by the Council, and a problem family was given the space. Les, at one point; spent six months in Strangeways Jail for breaking and entering. He arrived with his wife Janice, daughter Leanne (from a previous relationship) and stepdaughter Toyah. Les immediately clashed with neighbours such as Curly Watts and Des Barnes. He enjoyed wandering the interconnected loft spaces to have a look around the homes of other residents. This scared the elderly Percy Sugden so much that he moved away. Les' first big mistake was on 22nd December 1997. He got a turkey, a live one though. After naming it Theresa, Les said he'd slit the turkey's throat. But Toyah and her vegetarian boyfriend Spider Nugent decided to set the turkey free. When Les swore he'd find it, he took stepdaughter Toyah in his car - but he didn't notice the turkey walk right into the path of the car. After mowing down Theresa, Les later remarked; "This is champion turkey, this!", with Leanne saying, "I can't eat this, look, it's even got tyre marks on it!"

Long lost son

In 1998, Les' long-lost son Greg Kelly turned up on his doorstep. Greg was born from an affair between Les and wealthy Moira Kelly, and Janice feared Les would want to hook up again with Moira. She was right, but Moira resisted Les' brand of charm and asked him to leave her home. He did, but he was arrested for drink-driving and banned from being behind the wheel for eighteen months. Janice threw him out of the house and forced him to live in a camper van until he eventually won her round again. Greg, meanwhile, was run out of town after using Sally Webster for her money and then beating her.


Les heard that cash was being offered for cobbles, but when he dug one up, he dropped it on his toe. He made life hell for nurse Martin Platt during his hospital visit, and stole drugs from the unlocked trolley. He overdosed and had to have his stomach pumped. He insisted Martin was to blame, and Martin resigned when the hospital believed Les' lies over his own verdict. After Janice learned that Les was planning to spend the compensation money on a holiday with Jackie Dobbs, she told the hospital board that Les had taken the medication on his own accord.

Problems with Toyah

Toyah began to take English lessons from Ken Barlow, as she wanted to become a writer. Les thought Ken was making a move on Toyah and headbutted him. Toyah, sickened by Les, ran away to London to find who she thought was her real father, Neil Flynn; who tied her up in his flat. Janice and Les followed the trail and found her after she'd run away from Flynn. Les continued to alienate Toyah, as he beat up her boyfriend Spider and Toyah left home. Les continued to be a problem until Spider, who had started working for DSS, discovered Les was claiming benefits whilst working on the canal. Les was forced to leave Toyah and Spider alone. The DSS ultimately discovered Les' duplicity without Spider's help and Les was sentenced to 150 days community service scrubbing graffiti. He teased Tyrone Dobbs for being illiterate, so Tyrone got his own back by spraying more graffiti each time Les cleaned a wall, and when Les helped out at a local park, removing Les' rowing boat so that he was marooned on an island overnight.

Les and Janice split up

Janice was disgusted with Les when he drank the money she'd saved for their electricity bill, and the power was cut off. During a holiday in Wales, a young man named Owen Williams made a pass at Janice. She considered his offer, but when Les was electrocuted, she realised she couldn't cheat on him. Owen followed the family back to Weatherfield and asked Janice to join him in Wales. Les beat him up.

Janice had had enough of Les; the final straw being when he gave her a deep fryer as a present for their anniversary. She began an affair with Eileen Grimshaw's partner Dennis Stringer, and left Les for him.

Ironically, when Les tried to gas himself on New Years' Night, it was Dennis who came to his rescue. When Dennis tried to get Les to hospital, the car he was driving flipped over on a hill and crashed into the field below. Dennis died in the ICU of the Weatherfield General on 2nd January 2002. Les was relatively unhurt.

In 2003, Janice began dating policeman Mick Hopwood. Les was furious with this and would take every opportunity to goad Mick. In one heated argument Mick brutally beat Les up and falsely claimed Les attacked him. Les was sentenced to six months in jail. When he left jail, Les was obsessed with revenge and went over to Mick's house, threatening to beat him to death with a crowbar. When the truth came out about Mick's beating of Les Janice left Mick.

2004-2007: Relationship with Cilla

Meeting and wedding

When Les came back, he found out that he'd lost his job at Street Cars. This was around the time young Chesney Brown came into his life - and his mother. Les met falsely named "Lulu" at a pub. He slept with her, but in the end, he found that this was Chesney and Fiz Brown's tart of a mum, Cilla.

In 2004, after an ugly fight, Cilla left for six weeks. Les was left alone with Chesney and took the opportunity to rekindle his relationship with Janice. They had almost reconciled until Cilla returned, and, using her sex appeal and false claims of coming into money, won Les back. In spite of Cilla's shrewish ways, the two schemers had some affection for each other, and even planned on getting married; mainly for the wedding presents!

On Friday 23rd September 2005, he met his idols Status Quo - who battered him for a grave incident twenty years previously. They settled a deal to rock at his wedding, which they did. When they got married, she adopted his surname and he took hers to become "Battersby-Brown". Wedded bliss didn't last long though, as an overexcited Les, trying to be a rockstar, smashed all the presents he and Cilla had received. Cilla left Les behind and went on the honeymoon with her best friend Yana Lumb.

Night with Janice

In March 2006, Les jumped into bed again with Janice. She was drunk and depressed and he helped her home. Janice was disgusted with herself and the only pleasure she had was in rubbing Cilla's nose in the one-night stand. Cilla only took Les back when he offered to crawl over the Street cobbles.

Adopting Chesney

Les regretted his mistakes with his daughters and tried to be more of a father to Chesney. Chesney adored him and in 2006, asked a delighted Les to officially become his father. After some initial haggling with social workers, and resentment from Cilla, the adoption went through.

Cilla's cancer; Les's adultery

In mid-2006, Cilla began keeping secrets. No one knew the real reason was treatments for skin cancer. Les, believing Cilla was having an affair, had a one-night stand with Yana, who was upset with Cilla for not confiding in her. Chesney saw them, and told Cilla. A furious Cilla pretended her cancer was terminal, and guilted Les and Yana into sitting in a bathtub of mushy peas in freezing temperatures, all because she wanted money to "swim with the dolphins." When she got the money, she told everyone she was fine, and left a furious Les to go on holiday in Florida. When she returned, they reconciled and Cilla, Les and Chesney all lived together.

2007-2014: Departure and aftermath

Les battersby final scene

Les' final appearance in the show.

Les disappeared in May 2007. He was last seen in the Street Cars office, talking to Steve McDonald and Jamie Baldwin. His absence was initially explained as being a roadie for tribute band ZZ Top o'the Morning.

By late-2007, Cilla had also left the Street, and Chesney was being raised by Fiz and Kirk. Les contacted Chesney in March 2008 to say he was still not returning home. Chesney began to sense Les was not coming back, and became angry. In November 2008, Cilla sent Chesney and Kirk plane tickets to South Africa, telling them she was with Les. In the direct to DVD special Out of Africa, they showed up only to learn that Cilla was with a South African man named "Lesedi", and that Cilla had not heard from Les in quite some time. In May 2009, when Chesney wanted to learn where cabbie Eddie Windass (whose clan had replaced the Battersbys as the "family from hell") had been taking Fiz, he found an old Status Quo button which had once belonged to Les, and gave it to Eddie, implying that he had finally accepted Les was no longer a part of his life. In June 2011, Les' ex-girlfriend Stella Price turned up in Weatherfield and told Leanne that she was her birth mother. Initially, Leanne could not come to terms with this as she saw Janice as her mum, but eventually came round to accept this.

In October 2014, Cilla revealed that she was no longer in contact with Les.

In January 2018, Chesney mentioned that neither Les or his mother could make his wedding to Sinead Tinker.

Background information

  • In 1997, new producer Brian Park wanted to bring a tougher group into what he saw as a staid programme. The Battersbys were dubbed "the family from hell", and their bitter clashes with the established characters alienated a number of longtime fans. In the Battersby Family Album special, Bruce Jones recounted being in a pub after the episode where Les headbutted Curly Watts, and being seriously threatened if Les ever went near Curly again.
  • In March 2007, actor Bruce Jones was suspended from the show. [1] Later that year, Bruce and the show parted ways. [2]

First and last lines

"Did yer do the shopping?" (First line, to daughter Leanne)


"I'll tell you who's a man's man... Graham Norton!" (Final line, to Jamie Baldwin and Steve McDonald)

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