Les Boden
Les Boden
Occupation Market Trader
Spouse(s) Mrs Boden
First appearance 17th September 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by Barry Hart

Les Boden was one of many short-term gentleman friend's of Audrey Potter's that she had prior to her marriage to Alf Roberts and, like many of the others, he was a married man.

Les was in the "household textile business" according to Audrey, or as he put it, he had a market stall. His wife also had a stall, selling meats, though going off a comment from Audrey, she ate more of the goods than she sold. At Audrey's request, he obtained some items for Gail and Brian Tilsley who had recently moved into their first house at 5 Buxton Close and they made plans to go round there and deliver them. Ivy Tilsley, already annoyed that she had had to suffer the interminably long period of two weeks without seeing her son, put them off with the lie that they would be out as she and Bert had been invited for their first Sunday lunch with the youngsters and she didn't want Audrey butting in. Not knowing this, Les suggested to Audrey that they called on the off-chance. They did so and found Bert and Ivy comfortably ensconced after the meal. A furious row broke out which ended with Gail ordering Ivy to leave. A month later, Audrey turned up again, Les having kicked her out of their shared home.

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