Les Chatfield (9th January, 1932 - 2nd November, 2002) was a highly successful television producer and director. As well as directing 56 episodes of Coronation Street between February 1967 and December 1970 (one co-directed with June Howson), he has served as both producer and/or director on ITV situation comedies The Dustbinmen, The Lovers, A Sharp Intake of Breath, Holding the Fort, Kinvig, Pig in the Middle, Duty Free and Watching. His other credits are mainly in the field of drama and include City 68, A Family at War, Sam, Juliet Bravo, Brass and Bergerac.

Episodes directed by Les ChatfieldEdit


1967 (25 episodes)

1968 (17 episodes)

1969 (10 episodes)


1970 (4 episodes)

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