Les grimes
Les Grimes
First appearance 19th November 1975
Last appearance 24th November 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Mike Grady

Les Grimes, together with his accomplice Neil Foxall, attempted to burgle the Rovers one night in November 1975 after drinking there and, chatting to Tricia Hopkins, found out that Annie Walker lived on the premises alone.

Hiding in the gents’ toilets until after closing time, they explored by torchlight the downstairs and upstairs without luck until they realised that the only room that might contain money or valuables was Annie’s bedroom. Within seconds, she was awake and fearlessly confronting the two young men, putting on a magnificent show of bravado and refusing to give in to their demands that she tell them where her money was hidden. The cruel Neil easily dominated his weaker friend and made it quite clear than Annie would suffer if she didn’t give up her valuables. While he went downstairs for another search, a nervous Les told Annie that Neil would be quite capable of hurting her if she pushed him too far and she ought to give in. Neil’s torch gave out while he was conducting his second search and he had no option but to turn on the lights. Albert Tatlock, already suspicious after hearing noises, became more so after seeing the lights and went round to No. 9 where he told Len Fairclough and Ray Langton of his concerns. They investigated as the two lads were leaving the premises through the back yard where a fight broke out. Punches aplenty were exchanged but the two lads ran off, not pursued as Len said the younger men could easily outrun them. Annie hid her trauma as best could and insisted that news of the break-in not get out as Newton & Ridley would find out that she lived alone in the pub. Soon afterwards, in her weakened state, she fell downstairs and was hospitalised. The brewery did indeed find out of the incident and Warren Coates, the new Tenant’s Executive, tried to force her to move to a pub near Macclesfield but Annie easily foiled his plans.

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