Letting Agent (Episode 6951)
Letting Agent
First appearance 21st November 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chris Barlow

The unnamed Letting Agent worked for "Ellis Cooke Estate Agents" who had been instructed by house-owner Jerry Morton - who was now living in Spain - to put 6 Coronation Street up "To Let". Immediately after the agent had erected a sign outside, both Jerry's ex-wife Teresa Bryant and son Darryl Morton, who were still residing there, believed there to be some kind of mistake as they were oblivious to Jerry's instruction. After the agent confirmed that the sign was indeed outside the correct property, Teresa went into a tirade about Jerry, the house and the newly erected sign before storming off.

The bemused letting agent commented to Darryl about how fiesty "his bird" was, with Darryl quick to put the man straight and told him in no uncertain terms that Teresa's his mother!

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