Agent 8660
Lettings Agent
First appearance 12th June 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Denise Kennedy

The Lettings Agent dealt with Jenny Bradley when she acted under the guise of Melanie Davis and took a flat in Hull for herself and a kidnapped Jack Webster. Jenny had undergone an undiagnosed breakdown following the death of her own son Tom Midgeley two years before and saw the chance of a new life with Jack as potentially recapturing her old one.

Jenny has spun a tale that she was escaping an abusive relationship and the agent hoped that she would feel safe in her new surroundings although she was surprised at how little luggage she had brought for her and her "son". She told Jenny the basic rules of no pets, no sub-letting and no all-night parties and left her with the final comment that she admired her for being very brave and a survivor.

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