Liam Strong
Liam Strong
Occupation Pizza Delivery Courier
First appearance 22nd June 2003
Last appearance 23rd July 2003
Number of appearances 4
Played by Andrew Newton

Liam Strong was a pizza delivery man who caught the eye of Candice Stowe one day in June 2003 when he called into Roy’s Rolls to ask for directions when she was chatting with Todd Grimshaw and Sarah Platt. New to the area, he was lost again later when he arrived in Coronation Street looking for Corporation Street. Telling him that it was near her own home, she rode pillion with him (despite her very short skirt) and the two began a short-term relationship.

Candice and fellow crimper Maria Sutherland were not the best of friends at the time and Candice took every opportunity to show off to her that she had a good-looking boyfriend. She was therefore not pleased when Liam arrived early at the Rovers to meet her and got into a conversation with Maria who simpered at him and offered to cut his hair for him. A few weeks later, tired of Candice's digs, Maria got hold of her mobile, used it to text Liam as if from Candice to say that she couldn’t make their date that night and then arranged her own night out with him. Unfortunately they chose to go to Valandro's where the Platt family were having a meal and when Gail and Audrey later arrived at the Rovers, they told the stood-up Candice where they had just seen her errant boyfriend. A furious Candice went round there hotfoot and when Maria confessed the deception, Candice smeared a full pizza in her face. At the same time, she finished with Liam.

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