The unnamed Licensing Officer turned up at Roy's Rolls, claiming he had reason to believe that alcohol had been sold on the premises without a license. Roy Cropper had himself only just returned from a break, having left the café in the charge of employee Anna Windass. Mary Taylor, who had been "helping out", had turned the café into a themed restaurant, allowing guests to bring their own booze. She explained this, but the officer was adamant that the complainer was clear that alcohol was being sold. He then told Roy that he would be required to attend the council offices on the following Monday, and could face considerable penalty should his explanation prove unsatisfactory.

Roy and Mary duly attended the meeting at 10.30am on the following Monday, returning with the news that he was fortunate enough just to receive a caution from the Licensing Officer. Kylie Platt (newly employed at Nick's Bistro) was forced by brother-in-law Nick Tilsley to confess to making the false allegation in the first instance, as the bistro had been losing a considerable amount of business since Mary had introduced themed nights at the café.