Lilly Richardson
Lilly Richardson
Residence Southampton
Spouse(s) Mike Richardson
Children Ben Richardson (1992)
First appearance 10th July 2009
Last appearance 10th July 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Helen Sheals

Lilly Richardson is the mother of Ben Richardson. The family were devout Christians and Ben, who was captain of the Weatherfield High swimming team caught the eye of Sophie Webster and the pair soon became an item.

The Richardsons attended Sally Webster's birthday party in July 2009 as the Websters were keen to meet Ben's parents. Sally was initially put-out to find that Lilly and her husband Mike were teetotal, but in an attempt to impress them, boasted about their house being bigger and better than the ones across the Street and how well her eldest daughter Rosie had done for herself with an education at Oakhill School. However, the atmosphere at the house changed quickly when the Richardsons were witness to a drunken Sophie (annoyed with her sister for flirting with Ben) tipping a glass of wine over Rosie's head.

In October, the Richardsons moved to Southampton to look after Ben's grandmother and not wanting to leave Sophie or his life in Weatherfield, Ben moved in with friend Ryan Connor and his mum Michelle until the end of the year.

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