Lily Platt 2016
Lily Platt
Born 26th August 2013
Birthplace 8 Coronation Street,
Residence 8 Coronation Street
Father David Platt
Mother Kylie Platt
Sibling(s) Max Turner (half-brother)
First appearance 26th August 2013
Duration 2013 to present
Number of appearances 47 (as of Episode 9404)
Played by Ava & Lilly Bushell (2013-2014)
Betsie & Emmie Taylor (2014-2016)
Brooke Malonie (2016 to present)

Lily Platt is the daughter of David and Kylie Platt and half-sister of Max Turner. When Lily was born Kylie did not know if the biological father was her husband David, or his half-brother Nick Tilsley.

Before Lily's birth, David had found out that Nick and Kylie had slept together, meaning that Nick could have been the father. This led David to start a hate campaign against Nick which culminated in in a car crash which David had caused indirectly. After Lily was born in August 2013, Nick blackmailed David into getting a DNA test done, threatening to reveal otherwise how David was responsible for the car accident which led to Nick being in a coma for several weeks. The DNA test confirmed that David was the father.

On 16th October - the day of Lily's christening, Kylie learned that David was responsible for the accident which had left Nick with brain damage and confronted him about his involvement during the church service. All the secrets of the past few months spilled out, resulting in Kylie denying David any access to Max and Lily. However later that year, David's family slowly started letting him spend time with his daughter. In January 2014, when Kylie fell asleep drunk alone with Max and Lily, David was forced to intervene. After the incident, David and Kylie fully reconciled.

In July 2016, Lily lost her mother after Kylie was stabbed to death by Clayton Hibbs. In October, David planned to kill himself and Clayton by driving a petrol-doused car into a police van with Clayton inside. He left a suicide video for Lily and Max explaining his actions. When David was about to put his plan into action, Lily wandered away from her babysitter Fiz Stape into the middle of the road. David saw Lily and unsuccessfully swerved to avoid her, with Gary Windass grabbing her in an attempt to take her to safety. David's car flipped and trapped Lily and Gary, but with the help of the townspeople lifting the car, they were both rescued unharmed. David was horrified that he was nearly responsible for the death of his own daughter.

Background information

Lily Platt 2015

Lily as played by Betsie & Emmie Taylor

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