Lily Stokes was the wife of Dennis Stokes who was a member of Weatherfield Golf Club where Fred Elliott and Mike Baldwin also played. The two men met Dennis and Lily (who was caddying for him) during a bad-tempered match in May 2004 when Fred became intrigued to hear that the two had met on the internet and they had got married a mere month after she flew in from the orient. The more that Fred saw Lily and witnessed her amenable ways, the more he was taken with the idea that he too should obtain a Thai bride.

However he was falling for a scam that Dennis had pulled before in using a Levenshulme Market stallholder called Stacy Hilton (aka Orchid Pattaya) to act as a potential wife while conning her future husband of several thousand pounds. When Fred found out, he confronted a livid Dennis and Stacy. During the altercation, Dennis stuck to his guns about Lily being his real wife, inferring that it was only after his own success that he realised how he could use his story to fleece other men of their riches.

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