Lime Kiln Road was a street of council houses in Weatherfield and a notoriously rough part of the town. The road almost saw the arrival of the Ogdens in early 1982 after Hilda had ambitions of moving away from 13 Coronation Street. In the previous November, Hilda returned home after a short visit to her brother Archie Crabtree and to see his brand new house. Struck by the difference between Archie's home and No.13, she decided that she wanted to move up in the world and buy a new house. After viewing one on the River Park Estate she decided to sell No.13 and was told by the estate agent that their house would fetch £7,000 which they could use as a deposit for their new home, for which the asking price was £17,000. Stan was against the idea of moving but Hilda badgered him into it and agreed that lodger Eddie Yeats could move with them, his rent helping towards the mortgage.

No.13 went on the market in December and Mr Ron Bell and his wife showed more than an interest in purchasing the property. Mr Bell was a former steelworker from Consett who moved down to Weatherfield to take a job with Thompson Engineering and he and his wife were offering cash with his redundancy money. The Ogdens hit a roadblock though when the building society refused them a £10,000 mortgage due to Stan's low earnings. The Bells upped their offer to £8,000 with a cheque for £800 deposit. The Ogdens were sorely tempted with such riches and tried for a council house to live in instead. After seeing the rough area in which the offered house on Lime Kiln Road was situated, the Ogdens gave up their dreams and handed the annoyed Bells back their cheque.

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