Linda farrell
Linda Farrell
Spouse(s) Graham Farrell
First appearance 17th February 1988
Last appearance 2nd March 1988
Number of appearances 5
Played by Rosie Kerslake

Linda Farrell was the wife of Graham Farrell, one of Mike Baldwin's factory clients. When Mike's wife Susan left him, Mike and Linda started an affair with Mike even telling Linda at one point that he loved her. Linda found Mike attractive as he knew how to relax, whereas Graham was all-business.

In January 1988, while arranging to put work Mike's way, Graham arranged a foursome with Mike, Linda and Mike's girlfriend Gloria Todd - although Mike was quick to point out to Linda that he and Gloria were just friends when they got a chance to speak to each other alone. Once she'd ascertained that Mike was being truthful, Linda decided to leave Graham and, after getting drunk, turned up at Mike's flat, telling him she wasn't returning to her husband. Far from being happy, Mike was fearful of Graham's reaction and tried to get Linda to leave. Linda realised that Mike only saw her as a bit on the side and a struggle ensued, during which a drunken Linda passed out on the floor. Gloria happened upon the scene and helped Mike wake and sober her, and took her home, pretending to Graham that they'd been on a girls' night out. Graham's suspicions were immediately aroused that she'd been seeing a man.

When she sobered up, Linda went ahead with her decision to leave Graham but while she denied that another man was involved, she mentioned her fling with Mike in passing. Linda last appeared in Coronation Street to ask Gloria to pass on a warning to Mike that Graham was on the warpath, adding a warning to Gloria to stay away from Mike as he would only use her.

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