Linda Palmer was a worker at the newly-opened Mark Brittain Warehouse who, along with her friend Carol Benton, had two fliratious exchanges with the younger menfolk of Coronation Street in the Corner Shop. The two girls shot Ray Langton down in flames when he asked if Linda was the one who dropped her hanky from the window to him but she told him that was a colleague called Nigel. They wondered aloud who he reminded them of and he thought of Steve McQueen but a watching Irma Barlow suggested Bela Lugosi instead. A few days later they teased Billy Walker about his looks and his "hooded" eyes in the Corner Shop, again watched by a grinning Irma.

Both girls also attended the packed meeting of residents at the Community Centre to elect its first committee.

Six months later, Maggie Clegg refuses Linda's request to do some made-up rolls in the shop, causing Carol to have some sharp words with her.

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