Linda Rogerson was a nurse on duty in the maternity ward at Weatherfield General the night that Lucy Richards checked herself in when gave birth to Simon Barlow. Ciaran McCarthy, waiting in casualty after a punch-up at the Weatherfield Arms, saw Lucy at reception and rang the baby's father, Peter Barlow, to tell him that he was about to become a dad. Linda answered the phone to Peter's call and passed a message on to Lucy who told Linda that she didn't want to see him. Linda assured her that if that was her wish, then Peter wouldn't get past the doors.

Later on, Lucy relented and Peter was present at the birth of his son. When he next called in with flowers and a teddy bear, Linda wouldn't allow him in as mother and son were sleeping. She gave the same answer a few hours later when he called back but this time he told her he'd sit and wait, which he did until he was allowed in. Lucy made it clear that she wasn't pleased to see him and told him several on several visits that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. After almost a week, Peter was told by Linda that Lucy had been discharged that morning and she and the baby were no longer a patients at the hospital.

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