Linda Sims
Linda Sims
Occupation Maternity Nurse
First appearance 27th May 2013
Last appearance 21st June 2013
Number of appearances 5
Played by Liz Hume Dawson

Linda Sims was the maternity nurse who looked after Tina McIntyre when she gave birth to a premature Jake Windass in May 2013.

Tina was a foster mother who was growing increasingly stressed by the overbearing attentions of the baby’s biological parents Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong and their families. Working too hard on her jobs at the Builder's Yard and the Rovers, she suddenly fell ill in the Rovers and had to be rushed to Weatherfield General. On arrival, Linda told Tina to stay calm and the Midwife would examine her to find out what was happening. When the Armstrongs and Windasses arrived, only Tommy Duckworth was allowed in at Tina’s request and Linda told the protesting families that the mother’s wishes had to be respected. Born prematurely, the baby was having breathing troubles and had to be into an incubator.

The baby was progressing well and Linda suggested to Tina that she express breast milk to feed the baby with, helping his recovery. Izzy was perturbed, not having foreseen an eventuality arising which could bond Tina and the baby. A couple of weeks later, Jake’s recovery from a stomach infection was so good that Linda told Tina that the baby was ready to be taken out of the incubator and cuddled. While waiting for Izzy to arrive, Tina asked Linda if she could be the first to hold the baby. Linda wasn’t happy though Tina pointed out that technically she was the baby’s mother and insisted. Linda gave in and Jake was in Tina’s arms when Izzy arrived, causing a breach between the two women to further develop. This turned into a chasm when Tina realised that she’d developed maternal feelings and told the staggered families that she was going to keep the baby. A row in the corridor was stopped by Linda who told them to take themselves elsewhere. A week or so later, when there was open warfare between Tina and the Armstrongs, Linda told Tina that the baby was ready to be breastfed.

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