Lindsay Stanton
Lindsay Stanton
Occupation Shop assistant
First appearance 25th July 2011
Number of appearances 1
Played by Janine Mellor

Lindsay Stanton was a woman who met Julie Carp at a children's reading club held at Bessie Street School in July 2011.

Julie had persuaded Sean Tully to let her be a "school mum" for an hour and took Dylan Wilson along to the pre-school club, as Sean was unable to get out of working a shift at the Rovers and Eileen Grimshaw couldn't take the child either. The ladies soon got chatting and Lindsay naturally assumed that Julie was Dylan's mother. Whilst waiting for the lesson to commence, Lindsay explained how she worked in a chip shop two days a week and was full of admiration for Julie, a single parent holding down a full-time job.

Even with several opportunities to set Lindsay straight, Julie kept up the pretense, flattered the woman thought that Dylan - with his blonde hair - greatly resembled her.

Credited as "Lindsay", the character's surname was given in dialogue.

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