Lindsey Gordon was the ex-wife of businessman Tony Gordon.

Arriving at Underworld in November 2007, she hit Carla Connor and warned her to stay away from her husband. After also telling Carla that Tony was a womaniser and a control freak, he brushed her accusations aside and told Carla to ignore his "crazy ex".

When Carla's brother-in-law Liam began to play detective and tried to dig up Tony's past, he asked Lindsey for information. Lindsey continued to maintain that Tony was a control freak, but claimed they were both still in love with each other and that Tony would return to her after he'd chewed and spat Carla out. Liam tried to tell Carla this, but she wouldn't listen and accused him of being jealous. In an attempt to prove her wrong, Liam immediately proposed to Maria Sutherland.

The character was credited as "Lindsey" in all of her appearances.

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