Lionel Portious
Occupation Warehouse director
First appearance 6th May 1974
Last appearance 8th May 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Donald Burton

Lionel Portious was a Mark Brittain Warehouse director. In May 1974, Ken Barlow met with Portious and company boss Sir Julius Berlin to put to them the residents' complaints about the noise and disruption caused by the warehouse lorries using the entrance in Coronation Street. Portious responded with half-hearted claims to want to minimise the disruption, and get the alterations to the Victoria Street loading bay completed as quickly as possible, but Ken was vociferous in making his points, insisting that something be done about the problem immediately. When Portious mentioned a Midlands branch which was also having alterations done, Ken suggested a redeployment of their labour force to the Weatherfield branch to speed up the work on the loading bay, as the Midlands branch was in a non-residential trading estate. His suggestion surprised the men, and Portious agreed to look into it's feasibility.

A short time later, Portious called Ken to invite him to a meeting with Sir Julius Berlin at the warehouse, informing Ken that he had taken an interest in him. Portious was only present at the beginning of the meeting, leaving Ken with Sir Julius. Ken was pleased to learn that his suggestion would be implemented, and work would be completed early the next week, however the true reason for the meeting was for Sir Julius, seeing potential in Ken, to offer him the position of Northern Executive Administrative Assistant with the company. Ultimately, Ken accepted this job and left teaching after thirteen years.

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