Lisa 8552
First appearance 12th January 2015
Last appearance 12th January 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lynsey McLaren

Lisa was an ex-girlfriend of Gavin Rodwell who turned up at Just Nick's one evening looking for him. She had got his work address from his old boss, Annette MacKenzie and asked Steph Britton if he was present. What neither of the two women knew was that Gavin's old flatmate, Andy Carver, was posing as Gavin. He had seen Lisa enter the bistro and ducked behind the bar as she knew who he really was and could have given him away. He was forced to listen as Lisa told Steph that Gavin had promised to marry her but had dumped her on holiday for a rep, leaving her with "a pair of smelly flip-flops and a massive bar bill." She went on to tell Steph and listening Luke Britton and Leanne Tilsley that Gavin used women and then threw them away. Steph covered for Gavin/Andy and said he'd left his job there the week before. Lisa left her number with her just in case and left. A sheepish Andy then rose from his hiding place and Leanne told him he had some explaining to do!

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