Lisa Duckworth
Born 18th November 1970
Died 12th February 1993
Father Jeff Horton
Mother Doreen Horton
Spouse(s) Terry Duckworth (1992)
Children Tommy Duckworth (1992)
First appearance 5th February 1992
Last appearance 12th February 1993
Duration 1992-1993
Number of appearances 76
Played by Caroline Milmoe

Lisa Duckworth (née Horton) was the wife of Terry Duckworth and the mother of Tommy Duckworth. Terry was locked up in 1992 for GBH and attempted to do a runner from their wedding ceremony, but Lisa split up with him after he admitted he didn't love her and she fell for Des Barnes. Her young life was cut short in February 1993 when she was hit by a car, leaving her son to be initially looked after by the Duckworths and then her parents Jeff and Doreen Horton.


Lisa was introduced to Coronation Street as the pregnant girlfriend of Terry Duckworth. In between Terry's trial and him being sent back to Strangeways Jail for GBH, he proposed to Lisa. She accepted and agreed to wait for him to come out of prison.

Terry and Lisa got married on 27th May 1992, with Terry handcuffed to a Prison Officer for the service. After his mother Vera persuaded the officer to allow Terry to have his handcuffs removed for the photographs, Terry made his escape. In June, Terry was rearrested at Bettabuy and returned to prison however he admitted to Lisa that he had only got married to her to give him an opportunity to escape, causing her to split up with him.

On 9th September 1992, Lisa gave birth to a baby boy, Tommy. Struggling to bring up their baby on her own, Lisa quickly fell for Des Barnes, who had allowed her to come and sit in his garden with Tommy. Their relationship blossomed, however Vera was upset at Lisa's 'betrayal' of Terry and starting shunning her and even blaming her for Terry being in prison. Jack was more understanding, knowing Terry was unreliable, but felt he should stand by his wife. Lisa agreed to live with Des - but only if they bought another house, as she didn't want to live opposite the Duckworths.

At the beginning of February 1993, Lisa went out to buy a bottle of wine from the Rovers to celebrate getting a buyer for Des' house. On the way out she dropped her purse in the Street. As she bent down to pick it up, she was hit by a car being driven by John Hargreaves. Lisa sustained head injuries and was rushed to Weatherfield General, but died a few days later.

First and last linesEdit

"Oh, no thanks Mrs Duckworth... I couldn't eat another thing. Lovely food though, you must have gone to a lot of trouble." (First line)


"£3.75. right, ta." (Final line, purchasing a bottle of red wine in the Rovers)

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