A list of births, pregnancies, abortions and miscarriages which have featured in Coronation Street storylines since 1960.

Due to a heavy focus on older characters, a birth was a rare event in the show in the 1960s and 1970s. The depiction of the birth has also changed over time; the first birth was Paul Cheveski's, but the baby wasn't seen until a few weeks after he was born in June 1961. The first time a mother was shown in labour was when Valerie Barlow gave birth to twins Peter and Susan Barlow in April 1965, but the births themselves didn't take place on-screen. The first on-screen birth was Rosie Webster's in December 1990. Since then, every birth has taken place on-screen.

Also listed are pregnancies involving characters who had left the series by the time of the birth. Note that the list only includes pregnancies which are known to have been carried to term, through references or return appearances in later episodes.


No Name Parents Location Episode/Date
1Paul CheveskiLinda and Ivan CheveskiWeatherfield InfirmaryEpisode 53 (14th June 1961)
2Christopher HewittConcepta and Harry HewittWeatherfield InfirmaryEpisode 172 (6th August 1962)
3Susan Ida BarlowValerie and Kenneth BarlowWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 450 (5th April 1965)
4Peter BarlowValerie and Kenneth BarlowWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 450 (5th April 1965)
5Tracy Lynette LangtonDeirdre and Ray LangtonWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 1672 (24th January 1977)
6Nicholas Paul TilsleyGail and Brian TilsleyWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 2061 (31st December 1980)
7Sarah Louise TilsleyGail and Brian TilsleyWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 2696 (2nd February 1987)
8Rosie WebsterSally and Kevin WebsterRosamund StreetEpisode 3164 (24th December 1990)
9David Daniel TilsleyGail Tilsley and Martin PlattWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 3165 (25th December 1990)
10Katherine McDonaldLiz and Jim McDonaldWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 3326 (1st January 1992)
11Thomas DuckworthLisa and Terry DuckworthWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 3435 (9th September 1992)
12Sophie WebsterSally and Kevin WebsterWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 3773 (4th November 1994)
13Daniel Albert OsbourneDenise Osbourne and Ken BarlowWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 3800 (4th January 1995)
14Brad ArmstrongTricia Armstrong and Terry DuckworthRovers Return InnEpisode 4143 (14th February 1997)
15Shannon Jade TattersallZoe Tattersall and Liam ShepherdWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 4254 (27th August 1997)
16Morgan MiddletonFiona Middleton and Alan McKennaWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 4353 (16th February 1998)
17William MallettJudy and Gary MallettWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 4531 (25th December 1998)
18Rebecca Joyce MallettJudy and Gary MallettWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 4531 (25th December 1998)
19Bethany Britney PlattSarah Platt and Neil FearnsWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 4833 (4th June 2000)
20Jake WebsterAlison and Kevin WebsterWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 4834 (5th June 2000)
21Ben WattsEmma and Curly Watts7 Coronation StreetEpisode 5182 (26th December 2001)
22Joshua PeacockMaxine Peacock and Matt RamsdenWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 5245 (8th April 2002)
23Simon John BarlowLucy and Peter BarlowWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 5538 (6th July 2003)
24Amy Katherine BarlowTracy Barlow and Steve McDonaldWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 5688 (9th February 2004)
25Billy PlattSarah Platt and Todd GrimshawWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 5772 (31st May 2004)
26Aadi AlahanSunita and Dev AlahanWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 6205 (13th January 2006)
27Asha AlahanSunita and Dev AlahanWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 6205 (13th January 2006)
28Frederick Thomas PeacockClaire and Ashley Peacock4 Coronation StreetEpisode 6338 (17th July 2006)
29Dylan James WilsonViolet Wilson and Sean TullyRovers Return InnEpisode 6759 (22nd February 2008)
30Paul Connor Jr.Maria and Liam ConnorWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 6807 (30th April 2008)
31Liam Anthony ConnorMaria and Liam ConnorAinsdale BeachEpisode 7111 (3rd July 2009)
32Jack DobbsMolly Dobbs and Kevin Webster9 Coronation StreetEpisode 7419 (6th September 2010)
33Hope StapeFiz and John StapeWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 7487 (9th December 2010)
34Joseph Peter BrownKaty Armstrong and Chesney BrownWeatherfield Community HallEpisode 7764 (23rd December 2011)
35Ruby SoamesKirsty Soames and Tyrone DobbsRovers Return InnEpisode 7949 (9th September 2012)
36Jake WindassIzzy Armstrong and Gary WindassWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 8135 (27th May 2013)
37Lily PlattKylie and David Platt8 Coronation StreetEpisode 8200 (26th August 2013)
38Miley WindassFaye Windass and Jackson HodgeWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 8610 (3rd April 2015)
39Harry PlattSarah Platt and Callum LoganWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 8865 (21st March 2016)
40Oliver Benjamin BattersbyLeanne Battersby and Steve McDonaldVictoria CourtEpisode 9106 (20th February 2017)
41Susie BarlowEva Price and Aidan ConnorLymmEpisode 9444 (30th April 2018)
42Zack RubinsteinNicola Rubinstein and Gary WindassWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 9466 (25th May 2018)


No Name Parents Born Location
1Darren BarlowIrma and David Barlow20th November 1968Australia
2Jayne OgdenPolly and Trevor Ogden21st January 1976Chesterfield
3Mark RedmanMaggie Redman and Mike Baldwin13th April 1983Weatherfield
4Dawn YeatsMarion and Eddie Yeats23rd May 1984Bury
5Peter CleggCaroline and Gordon Clegg25th March 1985Wimbledon
6Paul ClaytonAndrea Clayton and Terry Duckworth19th February 1986Unknown
7Adam BarlowSusan and Mike Baldwin1988Glasgow
8Alice WattsRaquel and Curly Watts23rd July 1997London
9Laura BarnesNatalie Barnes and Vinny Sorrell19th February 2001Unknown


No Name Baby's father Episode
1Leanne TilsleyNick TilsleyEpisode 4591 (9th April 1999)
2Charlie RamsdenMatt RamsdenEpisode 5238 (27th March 2002)
3Maria SutherlandJohn ArnleyEpisode 5426 (24th January 2003)
4Katy HarrisMartin PlattEpisode 5972 (28th February 2005)
5Tina McIntyreDavid PlattEpisode 6772 (12th March 2008)
6Natasha BlakemanNick TilsleyEpisode 7405 (18th August 2010)
7Sinead TinkerDaniel OsbourneEpisode 9127 (24th March 2017)


No Name Baby's father Year
1Irma BarlowDavid Barlow1967
2Bet GilroyAlec Gilroy1988
3Denise OsbourneKen Barlow1994
4Karen McDonaldSteve McDonald2004
5Violet WilsonJamie Baldwin2007
6Claire PeacockAshley Peacock2009
7Becky McDonaldSteve McDonald2010
8Becky McDonaldSteve McDonald2010
9Leanne BarlowPeter Barlow2011
10Tracy BarlowSteve McDonald2011
11Izzy ArmstrongGary Windass2012
12Carla BarlowPeter Barlow2014
13Erica HolroydNick Tilsley2015

Late miscarriages

A late miscarriage is defined as a miscarriage which occurs between the 14th and 24th week of pregnancy. In the context of the programme a late miscarriage is separated from other miscarriages when the baby is given a full name and is otherwise treated in the same way as a stillborn.

No Name Parents Location Episode/Date
1Ruairi McDonaldMichelle Connor and Steve McDonaldWeatherfield GeneralEpisode 9076 (11th January 2017)

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