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During the life of Coronation Street, there have been a total of 170 deaths, ranging from natural causes to murder, disasters, accidents and suicide. Some deaths are minor characters, or characters that haven't been seen but mentioned by regular characters in the programme that maybe linked, for example, Minnie Caldwell's mother Amy Carlton was mentioned but not seen, and died off-screen in 1962.

Many regular characters are killed off-screen if the actor or actress portraying them have passed away in real life. For example, Bernard Youens, who played the role of Stan Ogden passed away in 1984, and the character was killed off-screen a few months later. Some characters aren't killed off even when the actor dies in real life (it could be some years after they departed). However, some characters are still worded as dead even after the character who played them has died. For example, Violet Carson who played the famous Ena Sharples passed away in 1983, over three years after she left. The character hasn't been given a funeral on-screen, although references to the character intimate that she has died.


Name Date/Episode Details
May Hardman30th December 1960

Inoperable brain tumour - died alone at 13 Coronation Street

Martha Longhurst13th May 1964Heart attack in the snug of the Rovers Return
Robert Maxwell15th September 1965Heart attack following a car crash
Vera Lomax16th January 1967Inoperable brain tumour
Harry Hewitt6th September 1967Crushed to death when the jack slipped on a van he was repairing
Joe Donelli21st December 1970Suicide - turned a gun on himself inside 5 Coronation Street
Valerie Barlow27th January 1971Electrocuted due to faulty wiring on a hairdryer
Lynn Johnson20th January 1975Battered to death by husband Roy Johnson inside 9 Coronation Street
Janet Barlow21st February 1977Overdosed on sleeping tablets
Ernest Bishop11th January 1978Shot by Ed Jackson during a robbery at Baldwin's Casuals
Renee Roberts30th July 1980Car crash
Brian Tilsley15th February 1989Fatally stabbed by Darren Whateley outside a nightclub
Alan Bradley8th December 1989Ran over by tram in Blackpool
Katie McDonald3rd January 1992Complications of premature birth
Ted Sullivan9th September 1992Inoperable brain tumour
Lisa Duckworth12th February 1993Ran over in Coronation Street by John Hargreaves
Brendan Scott20th August 1993Heart attack in the Corner Shop
Samir Rachid2nd June 1995Attacked by youths at the canalside
Joyce Smedley21st February 1997Ran over by Tony Horrocks
Derek Wilton7th April 1997Heart attack following a road rage incident
Don Brennan8th October 1997Car exploded after crashing into the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street
Babs Fanshawe18th March 1998Heart attack
Anne Malone9th October 1998Froze to death inside the freezer unit at Freshco's
Des Barnes18th November 1998Heart attack caused by head injury
Alf Roberts1st January 1999Suffered a massive heart attack at Nick Tilsley's 18th birthday party
Judy Mallett26th September 1999Collapsed from an embolism in the backyard of 9 Coronation Street
Jake Webster5th June 2000Group B Streptococcus infection
Alison Webster7th June 2000Ran into the path of an oncoming lorry
Jez Quigley15th September 2000Ruptured spleen in a beating given by Jim McDonald
Dean Sykes12th October 2000Shot by police markswoman Emma Taylor following the Freshco siege
Alma Halliwell17th June 2001Cervical cancer - passed away peacefully at 5 Grasmere Drive
Edna Miller19th September 2001Found lying in Duggie Ferguson's bed at the Rovers Return - cause of death unknown
Dennis Stringer2nd January 2002Car crash
Duggie Ferguson4th February 2002Injuries sustained after falling through a bannister at The Ridings property development
Patricia Hillman20th May 2002Beaten over the head with a spade by ex-husband Richard Hillman
Maxine Peacock13th January 2003Bludgeoned to death with a crowbar by Richard Hillman at 4 Coronation Street
Richard Hillman14th March 2003Drowned when car plunged into Weatherfield Canal
Billy Platt2nd June 2004Complications of premature birth
Tommy Harris4th March 2005Hit in the head with a wrench by daughter Katy Harris
Ray Langton8th April 2005Stomach cancer
Katy Harris20th April 2005Suicide - induced a diabetic coma by not taking medication. Passed away at Weatherfield General
Mike Baldwin7th April 2006Heart attack following a short period of Alzheimer's disease
Fred Elliott9th October 2006Suffered a stroke at 5 Grasmere Drive
Charlie Stubbs15th January 2007Died from injuries sustained in a frenzied attack by Tracy Barlow
Kasia Barowicz16th April 2007Accidental fall at Underworld
Paul Connor6th June 2007Car crash
Frank Nichols3rd October 2007Old age
Vera Duckworth18th January 2008Heart attack - passed away peacefully at 9 Coronation Street
Paul Connor Jr.30th April 2008Stillborn
Liam Connor17th October 2008Murdered by Jimmy Dockerson in a hit-and-run plotted by Tony Gordon
Mike Scott30th January 2009Blood clot on the lung - collapsed and died outside Weatherfield General in front of Janice Battersby
Colin Grimshaw18th May 2009Suffered a stroke inside 11 Coronation Street
Joe McIntyre8th February 2010Accidentally drowned in Lake Windermere whilst faking his own death
Robbie Sloane7th June 2010Fatally shot by Tony Gordon
Tony Gordon9th June 2010Perished in the fire he started inside Underworld
Colin Fishwick30th July 2010Collapsed during a heated argument with John Stape and Charlotte Hoyle. Had previously sustained a severe brain haemorrhage in a beating from Ben Fielding
Jack Duckworth8th November 2010Non-Hodgkin lymphoma - passed away peacefully at 9 Coronation Street
Taxi Driver (Tram Crash Victim)6th December 2010Tram derailment in Coronation Street
Ashley Peacock8th December 2010Killed when The Joinery collapsed
Molly Dobbs9th December 2010Killed when a tram crashed into the Corner Shop
Charlotte Hoyle10th December 2010Hit in the head with a hammer by John Stape. Died when her life support machine was turned off at Weatherfield General with the blessing of her parents
Joy Fishwick10th January 2011Smothered by John Stape
Edna Hargreaves7th March 2011Died under a hairdyer at Audrey's Salon - cause of death unknown
John Stape28th October 2011Died due to injuries sustained in a car crash
Frank Foster5th March 2012Murdered in Underworld, hours after buying Carla Connor's 60% share of the factory
Lesley Kershaw11th May 2012Electrocuted whilst putting the toaster into the sink at 11 Coronation Street
Eric Babbage25th February 2013Natural causes
Toni Griffiths20th March 2013Killed in an explosion at the Rovers Return Inn
Sunita Alahan3rd April 2013Breathing tube removed by Karl Munro after suffering injuries in the Rovers fire
Hayley Cropper20th January 2014Took her own life at 16a Victoria Street after suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer
Tina McIntyre2nd June 2014Died from injuries sustained after being viciously assaulted by Rob Donovan
Kal Nazir28th May 2015Killed in an explosion following a fire which broke out inside 12 Victoria Court.
Maddie Heath1st June 2015Died from injuries sustained after an explosion at the Builder's Yard caused by the fire at 12 Victoria Court.
Callum Logan23rd September 2015Bludgeoned over the head by Kylie Platt inside 8 Coronation Street.
Kylie Platt15th July 2016Bled to death in her husband David Platt's arms in the middle of Coronation Street shortly after being stabbed by Clayton Hibbs.


Name Date/Episode Details
Eunice Cole12th January 1961Cause of death unknown
Ida Barlow11th September 1961Hit by a bus in Gray Street
Joan WalkerMarch 1962Cause of death unknown
Amy Carlton4th July 1962Old age
Colin Appleby12th October 1962Car crash
Alice Raynould25th March 1963Natural causes
Susan Schofield27th January 1964Hit by a lorry outside Bessie Street School
Nellie Bailey18th October 1964Cancer
Sonia Peters10th May 1967Crushed when a goods train derailed off the viaduct
Steve Tanner25th September 1968Pushed down a flight of stairs by Joe Donelli
Reg Ellis5th November 1969Injuries sustained after Lake District coach crash
David Barlow8th April 1970Killed in a car crash in Australia
Darren Barlow9th April 1970Killed in a car crash in Australia
Jack Walker30th June 1970Heart attack
Phyllis Roberts18th September 1972Cancer
Herbert James27th April 1973Heart attack
Tom Schofield7th May 1973Old age
Cyril Turpin25th February 1974Heart attack
Martin DownesMarch 1975Car crash while serving the army in Northern Ireland
Edna Gee1st October 1975Died in the factory fire which closed the Mark Brittain Warehouse
Jerry Booth10th November 1975Heart attack
Edith Platt17th August 1977Heart attack
Alison Webster1980Breast cancer
Monty Shawcross9th November 1980Heart attack
Amy Wilton1981Cause of death unknown
Arnold Swain22nd December 1981Natural causes
Frankie Baldwin4th July 1982Cause of death unknown
Sam LittlewoodSeptember 1982Cause of death unknown
Archie Crabtree16th May 1983Stroke
Len Fairclough7th December 1983Motorway accident. Len was returning from a date with Marjorie Proctor
Bert Tilsley16th January 1984Natural causes
Albert Tatlock14th May 1984Heart attack
Stan Ogden21st November 1984Illness
Don Ashton3rd June 1985Drowned when car plunged into the canal
Pat Bradley6th January 1986Hit by a car
Ada Arrowsmith23rd April 1986Natural causes
Joan Lowther23rd November 1987Heart attack following an attack by intruders at her home
Eddie Seddon11th January 1989Died due to injuries sustained in a lorry crash
Peter Ingram17th August 1990Heart attack
Amy Burton18th February 1991Heart attack
Joyce Gilroy15th July 1991Heart attack
Sandra Arden19th July 1991Car crash in Whitby
Tim Arden19th July 1991Car crash in Whitby
Cyril Marsden24th November 1991Natural causes
Nobby Clarke1993Cause of death unknown
Les Curry4th May 1993Heart attack
Joss Shackleton8th November 1993Natural causes
Lou Connor18th December 1993Killed by a hit-and-run driver
Mandy Baker25th March 1994Asthma attack
Jim SedgewickDecember 1994Cause of death unknown
Clifford Duckworth21st June 1995Car crash abroad
Elsie Duckworth21st June 1995Car crash abroad
Ivy Brennan23rd August 1995Stroke
Charlie Hunter6th May 1996Heart attack
Maisie McDonald1st July 1996Heart attack
Tommy Mook9th August 1996Heart attack
Billy Williams3rd November 1997Heart attack
Harry Patterson2nd February 1998Cause of death unknown
Shannon Tattersall17th April 1998Meningitis
Elsie Seddon25th May 1998Stroke
Tony Horrocks6th February 1999Murdered by Jez Quigley
Walter Byford7th February 1999Old age
Sidney Templeton6th August 1999Natural causes
Raj Desai30th October 1999Cancer
Susan Barlow11th February 2001Car crash
Isabel Stephens24th June 2001Heart failure following a long period of Alzheimer's disease
Jimmy KellyJuly 2001Natural causes
Sharon Unwin16th March 2003Cause of death unknown
Neil Fearns13th September 2003Car crash
Preston KingNovember 2003Heart attack
Cecil Newton28th November 2003Heart attack
Margaret Phillips25th August 2004Cause of death unknown
Bill Gregoryc.2004 (exact date/month unknown)Car crash in Portugal
Elsie Tannerc.2004 (exact date/month unknown)Car crash in Portugal
Harry BaldwinJuly 2005Cause of death unknown
Lena Thistlewood1st January 2006Cause of death unknown
Angela Hawthorne4th August 2007Heart attack
Aunty Monica27th August 2007Cause of death unknown
Lucy Barlow2nd October 2008Breast cancer
Ramsay Clegg31st August 2009Inoperable brain tumour - passed away on his flight back to Australia
Blanche Hunt3rd May 2010Suffered heart attack whilst holidaying in Portugal
Quinny15th November 2010Killed in action serving in Afghanistan
Jenny ButlerApril 2011Heroin overdose
Jonno Richardson8th December 2011Collapsed due to liver failure
Sam Foster6th January 2012Heart attack
Jeff Horton5th April 2012Heart attack
Betty Williams16th April 2012Natural causes
Meredith McGuire23rd September 2012Natural causes
St. John Cropper9th February 2013Heart attack
Jane Rayner7th November 2013Pancreatic cancer
Lenny BakerOctober 2014Cause of death unknown
Gavin Rodwell13th March 2015Car accident
Lucy20th April 2015Cancer
Deirdre Barlow8th July 2015Brain aneurysm
Tony Stewart April 2016 Suspected heart attack

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