Liz brocklebank
Liz Brocklebank
Occupation Canteen manageress
Birthplace Nottingham
Spouse(s) Stanley Fairclough (1977)
First appearance 3rd January 1977
Last appearance 5th January 1977
Number of appearances 2
Played by Diane Grayson

Liz Brocklebank was the fiancée of Stanley Fairclough who in January 1977 visited Weatherfield with Stanley to meet Len. The trip was Liz's idea, and it was only after a lot of badgering that she got Stanley to agree to it; father and son hadn't seen each other for ten years at that point due to a longstanding rift.

Liz and Stanley met each other through their work at a chemical firm, where Liz was the canteen manageress and Stanley a draughtsman. Polite and friendly, Liz was close to her own family, hence her interest in Len despite hearing nothing but bad things about him from Stanley. Stanley had always been closer to his mum Nellie, and had gone with her when she left Len for Harry Bailey in 1962.

On meeting Len, Liz was surprised as he had clearly gone out of his way to make them welcome in his home and seemed eager to mend bridges, unlike Stanley who did little to hide the fact that he was only there under sufferance and who derided Len and the Street. Against Stanley's wishes, Liz invited Len to the wedding on 4th April, as they'd fixed a date. Len was pleased but told Liz it would mean more to him if the invitation came from Stanley. Stanley refused to go along with it and, privately, told Len not to be there. A deflated Len went along with his son's wishes and bowed out, although he didn't invite the pair to his wedding to Rita Littlewood later that month.

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