Liza Cramtree
Liza Cramtree
Occupation Nursing home manager
First appearance 8th August 2007
Last appearance 19th August 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Vashti MacLachlan

Liza Cramtree was the manager at Badgerbrook Nursing Home where Cilla Battersby-Brown had applied for a position as a carer. In the interview, it was established that Cilla had no educational, professional or vocational qualifications and the manager was less than impressed with Cilla's sarcastic comments when showing her around the building. Although Cilla was nowhere near experienced enough to be offered the job as a carer, Mrs Cramtree offered her the position of "Domestic Assistant". A disappointed Cilla, initially thinking the new job offer was beneath her, quickly had a change of heart and rang up the home to accept the job after being belittled by Rita Sullivan and Doreen Fenwick in the Rovers that evening.

Cilla duly started work as a cleaner at the home but was soon summoned to Mrs Cramtree's office and given an official reprimand because of her attitude to some of the residents - while cleaning the windows in the room of one elderly gentleman, Cilla's comments suggesting that she would smother him with a pillow were overheard by an alarmed Mrs Cramtree. Again, Cilla was hauled into her office. However, when the manager mentioned that the resident in question, Frank Nichols, could be "trying" at times, Cilla instantaneously put the face she'd previously recognised with his name and realised that Frank was an incredibly wealthy man. Cilla thereafter kept pretty much on the straight and narrow, only giving up the job when she accepted Frank's offer for her to become his personal full-time carer when he decided that he wanted to live in his own house again.

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