Locum Doctor (Episode 7134)
Locum Doctor
Occupation Locum
First appearance 3rd August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tom Roberts

The Locum Doctor covered for Doctor Patel at Rosamund Street Medical Centre in August 2009.

After suffering from a slipped disc in his back earlier in the year, patient Joe McIntyre became addicted to painkillers and at times resorted to desperate measures to obtain medication after Doctor Patel had been slowly reducing the dosage, and after David Platt sabotaged the latest batch of illegally-obtained tablets, blackmailed Joe and threatened to tell his mother Gail about his addiction, Joe went to the Medical Centre in the hope of getting stronger medication.

Approaching the doctor in the reception area, Joe explained how he was in agony and that he needed him to urgently write out a prescription. The doctor advised Joe to make an appointment as he had a busy schedule, but Joe was adamant that he would sit and wait until he had been seen. The doctor then received a call-out to a seriously ill patient and again told him to make an appointment for the evening's surgery. Losing his temper, Joe began to make a scene - just as Gail had walked into the Medical Centre to begin her shift.

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