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For largest number of appearances in the programme, see Top 100 appearances.

The following is a list of all Coronation Street characters who have been featured in the show for ten years or more as of 31st March, 2017. It only includes appearances within the main programme and not the spin-offs.

The list is sorted by default in the order of time between first and last appearances of a character in years and months. In some cases this is the same as the “longest continuous duration” column but many characters have left and been brought back years later, such as Dennis Tanner with a record 43-year absence. Some guest characters, who only made short-term appearances which would otherwise allow them to be included in this list such as Marian Lund and Neville Hawthorne, are excluded.

The "Longest continuous duration" column lists characters for the longest consecutive time that they were in the programme, and excludes absences of less than six months.

The list only includes credited appearances, with the exception of Peter and Susan Barlow whose first five years on the programme as uncredited characters from 1965 to 1970 are included here however the “duration” column only includes their credited appearances.

Some characters have been played by more than one actor, including Peter Barlow, Susan Barlow, Blanche Hunt, Tracy Barlow, Nick Tilsley, Sarah Platt, David Platt, Rosie Webster, Sophie Webster, Bethany Platt and Simon Barlow. The actor listed in each case is whoever played the character most recently.

# Character Actor First appearance Most recent appearance Time between first and last appearance Longest continuous duration
1Ken BarlowWilliam Roache9th December 196031st March 201756 years, 4 months52 years, 5 months
2Emily BishopEileen Derbyshire27th January 19611st January 201654 years, 11 months48 years, 11 months
3Dennis TannerPhilip Lowrie9th December 196030th July 201453 years, 8 months5 years, 2 months
4Rita TannerBarbara Knox2nd December 19646th March 201752 years, 3 months45 years, 1 month
5Peter BarlowChris Gascoyne5th April 196531st March 201751 years, 11 months6 years, 1 month
6Jed StoneKenneth Cope24th April 19612nd February 200947 years, 9 months0 years, 8 months
7Gordon CleggBill Kenwright15th April 196820th April 201244 years, 0 months1 years, 8 months
8Gail RodwellHelen Worth29th July 197417th March 201742 years, 8 months42 years, 8 months
9Betty WilliamsBetty Driver2nd June 196927th May 201142 years, 0 months42 years, 0 months
10Deirdre BarlowAnne Kirkbride20th November 19728th October 201441 years, 11 months41 years, 11 months
11Tracy BarlowKate Ford24th January 197731st March 201740 years, 2 months6 years, 10 months
12Ray LangtonNeville Buswell21st February 196610th April 200539 years, 2 months10 years, 7 months
13Audrey RobertsSue Nicholls16th April 197931st March 201737 years, 11 months32 years, 9 months
14Alf RobertsBryan Mosley8th February 19611st January 199937 years, 11 months26 years, 1 month
15Bet LynchJulie Goodyear25th May 196630th November 200337 years, 6 months25 years, 5 months
16Nick TilsleyBen Price5th January 198131st March 201736 years, 3 months15 years, 8 months
17Vera DuckworthElizabeth Dawn19th August 19748th November 201036 years, 3 months31 years, 6 months
18Susan BarlowJoanna Foster5th April 196511th February 200135 years, 10 months2 years, 1 months
19Blanche HuntMaggie Jones19th August 197411th December 200935 years, 3 months10 years, 4 months
20Kevin WebsterMichael Le Vell19th October 198331st March 201733 years, 5 months29 years, 4 months
21Jenny BradleySally Ann Matthews6th January 198631st March 201731 years, 3 months5 years, 2 months
22Sally MetcalfeSally Dynevor27th January 198631st March 201731 years, 2 months31 years, 2 months
23Jack DuckworthWilliam Tarmey28th November 19798th November 201030 years, 11 months28 years, 7 months
24Sarah PlattTina O'Brien2nd February 198717th March 201730 years, 2 months20 years, 11 months
25Mike BaldwinJohnny Briggs11th October 19767th April 200629 years, 6 months29 years, 6 months
26Terry DuckworthNigel Pivaro1st August 1983 11th May 201228 years, 9 months3 years, 10 months
27Bill WebsterPeter Armitage6th February 198429th December 201127 years, 11 months5 years, 2 months
28Liz McDonaldBeverley Callard27th October 198931st March 201727 years, 5 months 9 years, 1 month
29Steve McDonaldSimon Gregson6th December 198927th March 201727 years, 4 months27 years, 4 months
30Alec GilroyRoy Barraclough26th June 197230th December 199826 years, 6 months6 years, 2 months
31Rosie WebsterHelen Flanagan 24th December 199031st March 201721 years, 3 months21 years, 2 months
32David PlattJack P. Shepherd25th December 199017th March 201726 years, 3 months18 years,31 months
33Mavis WiltonThelma Barlow11th August 197110th October 199726 years, 2 month24 years, 4 months
34Jim McDonaldCharles Lawson27th October 198922nd October 201425 years 11 years, 1 month
35Billy WalkerKenneth Farrington27th January 19615th December 198423 years, 10 months1 year, 5 months
36Linda CheveskiAnne Cunningham9th December 196020th June 198423 years, 6 months1 year
37Hilda OgdenJean Alexander8th July 196425th December 198723 years, 6 months23 years, 6 months
38Wendy PapadopoulosRoberta Kerr28th June 19895th November 201223 years, 4 months10 months
39Albert TatlockJack Howarth9th December 196025th January 198423 years, 2 months23 years, 2 months
40Elsie TannerPatricia Phoenix9th December 19604th January 198423 years, 1 month12 years, 10 months
41Norris ColeMalcolm Hebden11th March 19948th March 201722 years, 11 months17 years, 3 months
42Annie WalkerDoris Speed9th December 196012th October 198322 years, 10 months22 years, 10 months
43Ivy BrennanLynne Perrie16th June 197125th March 199422 years, 9 months17 years, 3 months
44Sophie WebsterBrooke Vincent2nd November 199431st March 201722 years, 5 months22 years, 5 months
45Bill GregoryJack Watson18th September 19614th January 198422 years, 4 months1 month
46Len FaircloughPeter Adamson25th January 196111th May 198322 years, 4 months22 years, 4 months
47Daniel OsbourneRob Mallard6th January 199531st March 201722 years, 3 months2 years, 7 months
48Roy CropperDavid Neilson19th July 199531st March 201721 years, 8 months21 years,8 months
49Derek WiltonPeter Baldwin23rd February 19747th April 199721 years, 1 month8 years, 7 months
50Tommy DuckworthChris Fountain9th September 199213th October 201321 years, 1 month2 years, 7 months
51Martin PlattSean Wilson28th January 19859th November 200520 years, 9 months20 years, 9 months
52Ida CloughHelene Palmer3rd April 197819th August 199820 years, 5 months10 years, 2 months
53Robert PrestonTristan Gemmill11th November 199620th March 201720 years, 4 months 1 year, 8 months
54Curly WattsKevin Kennedy11th July 19831st September 200320 years, 2 months20 years, 2 months
55Alma HalliwellAmanda Barrie22nd June 198117th June 200120 years12 years, 7 months
56Toyah BattersbyGeorgia Taylor4th July 199731st March 201719 years, 9 months 5 years, 7 months
57Leanne BattersbyJane Danson4th July 199731st March 201719 years, 9 months 7 years, 7 months
58Andy McDonaldNicholas Cochrane6th December 198920th August 200919 years, 8 months7 years, 11 months
59Stan OgdenBernard Youens29th June 19647th March 198419 years, 8 months19 years, 8 months
60Ena SharplesViolet Carson9th December 19602nd April 198019 years, 4 months13 years, 3 months
61Tyrone DobbsAlan Halsall30th November 199831st March 201718 years, 4 months18 years, 4 months
62Eunice GeeMeg Johnson23rd March 198124th May 199918 years, 2 months9 months
63Sharon BentleyTracie Bennett1st March 198224th November 199917 years, 9 months10 months
64Dev AlahanJimmi Harkishin10th November 199927th March 201717 years, 5 months17 years, 5 months
65Maria ConnorSamia Ghadie19th May 200017th March 201716 years, 10 months9 years, 6 months
66Eileen PhelanSue Cleaver3rd May 200016th February 201716 years, 9 months16 years, 9 months
67Bethany PlattLucy Fallon4th June 200017th March 201716 years, 9 months7 years, 7 months
68Andrea ClaytonCaroline O'Neill30th January 19857th November 200116 years, 9 months7 months
69Kirk SutherlandAndrew Whyment22nd May 200020th March 201716 years, 5 months16 years, 5 months
70Adam BarlowSamuel Robertson14th January 200131st March 201716 years, 3 months2 years, 4 months
70Todd GrimshawBruno Langley14th January 200131st March 201716 years, 3 months3 years, 8 months
72Hayley CropperJulie Hesmondhalgh26th January 199822nd January 201416 years9 years, 9 months
73Fiz StapeJennie McAlpine20th April 200131st March 201715 years, 11 months13 years, 7 months
74Connie ClaytonIrene Skillington28th January 198510th December 200015 years, 10 months7 months
75Ashley PeacockSteven Arnold1st February 19958th December 201015 years, 10 months14 years, 10 months
76Jason GrimshawRyan Thomas25th December 200029th June 201615 years, 6 months15 years, 6 months
77Minnie CaldwellMargot Bryant14th December 19607th April 197615 years, 4 months15 years, 4 months
78Concepta ReganDoreen Keogh23rd December 196031st December 197515 years 3 years, 8 months
79Denise OsbourneDenise Black4th December 199210th June 200714 years, 6 months3 years, 3 months
80Janice BattersbyVicky Entwistle6th January 199725th March 201114 years, 3 months14 years, 3 months
81Percy SugdenBill Waddington22nd August 198320th October 199714 years, 2 months14 years, 2 months
82Maureen WebsterSherrie Hewson12th March 199327th December 200613 years, 9 months4 years, 7 months
83Sheila CrossleyEileen Mayers4th January 19612nd October 197413 years, 9 months1 year, 3 months
84Simon BarlowAlex Bain6th July 200329th March 201713 years, 9 months8 years, 5 months
85Sean TullyAntony Cotton13th July 200331st March 201713 years, 9 months12 years, 11 months
86Phyllis PearceJill Summers20th September 198215th May 199613 years, 7 months9 years, 5 months
87Lucille HewittJennifer Moss21st December 19601st July 197413 years, 6 months8 years, 8 months
88Chesney BrownSam Aston10th November 200327th March 201713 years, 5 months13 years, 5 months
89Dave SmithReginald Marsh17th September 196228th January 197613 years, 4 months1 year
90Jerry BoothGraham Haberfield23rd July 196229th October 197513 years, 3 months4 years, 1 months
91Amy BarlowElle Mulvaney9th February 200431st March 201713 years, 2 months13 years, 2 months
92Eddie YeatsGeoffrey Hughes23rd December 197430th November 198712 years, 11 months7 years, 6 months
93Tony StewartTerence Maynard 2nd March 200318th November 201512 years, 9 months1 year, 10 months
94Fred ElliottJohn Savident26th August 19949th October 200612 years, 1 month11 years, 1 month
95Sunita AlahanShobna Gulati21st March 20013rd April 201312 years4 years, 10 months
96Stephen ReidTodd Boyce29th January 199626th December 200711 years, 11 months1 year
97Esther HayesDaphne Oxenford14th December 19605th April 197211 years, 4 months3 years, 11 months
98Cilla Battersby-BrownWendi Peters 20th October 200314th November 201411 years, 1 month4 years
=99Aadi AlahanZennon Ditchett13th January 200630th December 201610 years, 11 months6 years, 11 months
=99Asha AlahanTanisha Gorey13th January 200630th December 201610 years, 11 months6 years, 11 months
100Michelle ConnorKym Marsh3rd April 200620th March 201710 years, 11 months10 years, 11 months
101Jackie DobbsMargi Clarke29th March 199814th January 200910 years, 10 months5 months
102Ernest BishopStephen Hancock6th September 19679th January 197810 years, 4 months7 years, 1 month
103Lloyd MullaneyCraig Charles20th June 200525th September 201510 years, 3 months4 years, 10 months
104Frank BarlowFrank Pemberton9th December 19603rd February 197110 years, 2 months3 years, 6 months
105Don BrennanGeoff Hinsliff17th August 19878th October 199710 years, 2 months10 years, 2 months
106Brian TilsleyChristopher Quinten27th December 197815th February 198910 years, 2 months10 years, 2 months

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