Elsie, Bet and Bill Fielding in the pub.

The Lord Nelson pub was visited by Bet Lynch and Elsie Tanner in April 1981 in an attempt to cheer up Elsie after she had been rejected by young man Wally Randle.

Bet was pleased to see old friend Shirley Bennett working behind the bar but the evening ended up very differently for Elsie who was picked by by Bill Fielding. Elsie brought him back to No.11 for the night. His furious wife Muriel found out and wrecked Elsie's house and possessions.

In order to impress his new girlfriend, Fred Gee took Maureen Slater to the pub for a meal in March 1983. Before driving Maureen back to her flat in Warrington, she told Fred that she had a twelve-year-old daughter and asked if he could drive her babysitting aunt back home too - even though she lived eight miles out of Warrington. Fred told her that she was too expensive to maintain and called off the relationship.

In May of the same year, Suzie Birchall successfully applied for a barmaid's position but was fired within a matter of weeks because of her attitude. Shortly after which, Suzie left Weatherfield for good.

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