Lorraine Binks was a friend of Lucille Hewitt's in the early 1970s and was ideally suited as a friend, being equally as rebellious and non-conformist as her chum.

The two girls got a job together as go-go dancers at the newly opened disco-pub to the Robin Hood, named the Aquarius. Dressed in boots, tight purple hot-pants and a skimpy yellow tied-shirt, they strutted their stuff on a stage to records. Lorraine's mother seemed to be as traditional as Lucille's guardian, Annie Walker, in her views of such matters and Lorraine told her that her evening job was working as a receptionist at the YWCA. Lucille used the same tale to Annie in explaining her evening job. Unfortunately for the two girls, the pub was run by Newton & Ridley who insisted that their other landladies visit it to see the wave of the future and among them was Nellie Harvey who delighted in luring Annie to see exactly what Lucille was up to.

Annie demanded that Lucille resign her job but she refused to do so and effectively blackmailed Annie into conceding defeat when she included her quoted criticisms of places such as the Aquarius in her resignation to the brewery. The two girls wanted to expand their career and in January 1972 hired Ray Langton as their agent and Ernest Bishop to take publicity photographs of them. Ray formed a close interest in Lorraine and warned off the competition in the form of Billy Walker. Lucille herself though told Ray that he didn't stand a chance with the younger girl however a year later, Billy did manage to get a night out with Lorraine.

Lucille moved in with Lorraine for a short period in January 1974 when her old digs at 11 Coronation Street became unavailable after Alan and Elsie Howard moved to Newcastle.

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