Lorraine Brownlow 1998
Lorraine Brownlow
Occupation Barmaid
First appearance 3rd November 1997
Last appearance 12th March 1999
Duration 1997, 1998-1999
Number of appearances 73
Played by Holly Newman

Lorraine Brownlow, (initially credited as Horrocks), was Natalie Horrocks' niece, who with her night school diploma in computing (gained at the second attempt), single-handedly sorted out the Garage spreadsheets. However, she was far more interested in Chris Collins' figure...

She returned in July 1998, (with the surname of Brownlow), as a new barmaid in the Rovers after Natalie's recommendation. Behind the Rovers bar her eyes soon fell upon Spider Nugent. She was still studying - following an ACCESS course at Weatherfield College.

First and last linesEdit

"Oh yeah, night school diploma? Second attempt? Watch out Bill Gates!" (First line, to Chris Collins)


"You're a hard-faced, ungrateful witch... and a user. Stick yer poxy pub!" (Final line, to Natalie Barnes)

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