Lorraine Ramsden applied within for a barmaid job at the Rovers after Betty Williams walked out in 1995. Jack Duckworth - running the place on his own while Vera was in Blackpool - was lost for words on meeting the busty blonde when she arrived from the job centre, and was so keen to get her behind the bar that he didn't bother interviewing her, despite her lack of previous bar work.

Lorraine turned out to be useless as a barmaid - she took forever to pull a pint, got the measurements wrong and gave the wrong change. Raquel Wolstenhulme complained to Jack that Lorraine "made happy hour look like prohibition" but Jack was on cloud nine and did nothing. When Vera returned early from Blackpool and found Jack giving Lorraine a hands-on pint pulling tutorial in a packed bar, she immediately had words with him and got him to sack her. Lorraine took her sacking badly and stormed off when nobody took her threat to take Jack to a tribunal for unfair dismissal seriously.

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