Lorry Driver 702
Lorry Driver
First appearance 6th September 1967
Number of appearances 1
Played by Geoffrey Brightman

The unnamed Lorry Driver was on his way to Blackburn when he stopped to assist Len Fairclough and Harry Hewitt who had taken a break from the wedding celebrations of Elsie and Steve Tanner to visit Sid Bell, an old friend but they had broken down in Len's van.

The driver told the two men that the jack propping up the van was unsafe but Harry answered that it was only for a moment or so. The driver gave Harry a different spanner to use and he got back underneath the vehicle. His warning proved to be prophetic as the van collapsed on Harry. A frantic Len lifted the van up while the driver pulled Harry out but he had severe injuries. The driver gave his opinion that Len's old friend was dead.

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