Lorry Driver 328
Lorry Driver
First appearance 3rd February 1964
Last appearance 5th February 1964
Number of appearances 2
Played by George Ghent

The unnamed Lorry Driver worked for Amalgamated Steel making deliveries across the country. Dennis Tanner had worked there for only a few weeks but proved hopeless at getting the despatch orders right and sent the driver on his way to Glasgow with a delivery that was meant for Leeds. The driver was traced to a transport cafe and told to return to pick up the right order. Still angry, he shoved the despatch note in Dennis's overalls and drove off as the young man leaned against the lorry completing the docket on his clipboard.

The character was uncredited in his first appearance and as the second episode in which he appeared carried no on-screen cast credits he was again uncredited, however he was listed in the billings in TV Times for the latter performance.

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