The Lorry Driver employed by George Hill Builders Merchants worked at the building site in Coronation Street when Maurice Jones re-developed half of the street in 1989. The driver was responsible for transporting cement to the site.

While carrying out his duties, the driver had a couple of run-ins with the factory girls from the recently demolished Baldwin's Casuals, the first of which took place just after the girls had been told by the Department of Employment that Jones was responsible for their redundancy payments. As the girls congregated near the building site, the driver remarked to the site foreman that the one at the back was a "little cracker" (referring to Josie Phillips), and joked that the peasants were revolting. This attracted the attention and ire of Vera Duckworth, who berated him and rallied the girls.

A week later, with Jones unforthcoming, the girls started a sit-in on the site just as the lorry was about to enter. The foreman called the lorry forwards regardless, but the driver refused and returned the vehicle to the depot instead. The girls took this as a minor victory, and Deirdre Barlow gave him a peck on the cheek as a thank you. When a photographer from the Gazette got Deirdre to repeat the kiss for the camera, the driver cracked nervously that she'd get him in trouble with his wife.