Loss Adjuster (Episode 6790)
Loss Adjuster
First appearance 7th April 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Guy Hepworth

The unnamed Loss Adjuster came to assess the damage at Valandro's restaurant in April 2008 following the arson attack committed by chef Paul Clayton - owner Leanne Battersby and Paul being motivated to burn the restaurant down and claim the insurance money for the failing business.

Leanne handed the loss adjuster a list of everything that had been destroyed in the fire, and Paul enquired how long things would take to sort out. The loss adjuster stated that although the case seemed pretty straightforward and everything appeared to be in order, it could take a while to process. Trying to further press him for a timescale on when they could expect the money to come through, Leanne and Paul were told that they would be informed when there was further news - the pair visibly frustrated as the loss adjuster got into his car and drove away.

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