First appearance 29th March 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Marie Hopps

Lottie was a pensioner who was dragooned by Martha Longhurst into sending Ena Sharples to Coventry after she (innocently) spread false rumours that Coronation Street was being demolished in a slum clearance programme. Ena had misread a notice at the Town Hall that Coronation Terrace was the subject of the demolition order, panicking all of the residents and their friends. Feeling that Ena's mistake reflected badly on the pensioners in the snug of the Rovers, Martha insisted to Lottie and Minnie Caldwell that they stick together and make sure that they snubbed Ena when she made an appearance. Lottie and Minnie reluctantly agreed as Martha kept a beady eye on the entrance to the pub, keen to make her displeasure known.

TV Times billed that Dorothy Frere would be reprising her role as Hetty from previous episodes but Marie Hopps as Lottie took her place in the transmitted edition. She had previously appeared as an extra in the Rovers from Episode 7 onwards.

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