Louise (Episode 7232)
First appearance 18th December 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Lynn Roden

When Gail Platt had put 8 Coronation Street on the market in an attempt to help out fiancé Joe McIntyre with his debts, a lady by the name of Louise came round to view the property in December 2009.

Gail, who'd read that key selling points were the smells of freshly percolated coffee and warm bread had especially gone and bought a bread-maker in an attempt to win round prospective buyers. After Louise had looked around the property, she refused Gail's invitation to a slice of bread and a cup of fresh coffee. As she told Joe and Gail that although she seriously liked the house, it was way overpriced at £120,000 - the pair were disappointed and explained that it was a fair valuation with Gail joking that she'd throw in the bread-maker for cash.

Louise eventually offered £105,000 and an insulted Gail explained that they wouldn't be lowering their selling price. As she was about to leave, she told the pair that the house wasn't "all that" and the price tag had been left on the bread-maker.

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