Louise Connor
Born 12th August 1956
Died 18th December 1993
Spouse(s) Johnny Connor
Children Aidan Connor
Kate Connor (1989)
Played by Unseen

Louise Connor was the wife of Johnny and mother of Aidan and Kate Connor. Their marriage appeared to be solid, until one evening in December 1993 when a woman named Sharon informed her that she'd had a one-night stand with Johnny. Louise became hysterical and ran out into the street, suffering fatal injuries as she ran straight into the path of an oncoming car.

On 12th August 2016, on what would have been Lou's 60th birthday, a cash-strapped Caz Hammond asked Luke Britton to order a bouquet of pink roses on her behalf, in an attempt to win round ex-fiancée Kate. Due to a misunderstanding however, Luke ordered a bouquet of pink carnations from Preston's Petals instead and when the flowers were delivered to 15a Victoria Street with a card attached card from Caz, Kate thought that she'd intentionally sent them to hurt her. It transpired though that Lou loathed carnations and believed they were bad luck.

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