First appearance 10th October 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chris Michael Hall

Lozza was a customer in The Dog & Gun who recognised Kylie Platt when she went back to her old teenage haunt in search of drugs. As Kylie played a game of pool with Gemma Winter, Lozza stared intently at her to the point where she'd had enough and confronted him. He reminded her that she'd once torched his car, a red mini with a black roof that he claimed was worth £2,000 but Kylie felt was more in the region of 2p. He told her he wanted compensation but she retorted that she wanted to smack him in the face with her pool cue and asked him which was more likely. With a smiling but threatening Callum Logan stood next to them enjoying the exchange, Lozza had no choice but to leave the pub without satisfaction.

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