Lucky with Ivy Brennan

Lucky was Harry Slinger's prized greyhound. In May 1989, after Lucky crashed out of a race at the dog track in St. Helens, he was unable to pay his driver Don Brennan the £40 taxi fare back home and so Don took the dog as payment, incurring the wrath of not only Harry but Ivy Brennan, who insisted the dog had to go when she chewed through the sofa at 5 Coronation Street. Don, however, had set his mind on racing Lucky, and got Audrey Roberts thinking about the glamour of being an owner's wife as a way of coaxing Alf into going halves with him.

Don and Alf's new partnership lasted only as long as the first race, where Lucky came in last. After losing Alf's backing, Don decided to get rid of Lucky as he didn't have time to look after her himself, but surprisingly Ivy and Audrey stepped in to train her. Before one race, Lucky was weighed and the ladies were warned about overfeeding her as she'd put on two pounds since her last race. On closer inspection, Lucky was found to be four weeks pregnant. She gave birth to five pups in late July.

Just after the pups were born, Mickey Lee called on Don and Ivy and told them that he was entitled to two of them, as per his agreement with Harry Slinger due to his canine being the father. Ivy refused to bargain, but privately Don agreed to let Mickey have them on the condition that he took rest off their hands, including Lucky, so that they wouldn't be separated.

Lucky was played by Ballyclough Girl, and was credited along with the cast on Episode 2955 (24th July 1989) and Episode 2956 (26th July 1989). She also appeared, uncredited, in Episodes 2935 to 2942.

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